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Why is Buddhist Temple Food so Tasty?
Why is Buddhist Temple Food so Tasty?Chan-il PARK 301pp |210 x 148mm|April 2017 The ultimate taste from not over-cooking and seasoning the ingredients harvested from nature! Chef Park travelled across the country with thirteen Buddhist monks, known to be leading figures in Korean temple cuisine, see
Chan-il PARK  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:15
Letter of a Pilgrim
Letter of a PilgrimVen. Hojin and Ven. Jian 268pp|205 x 145mm|Feb. 2015 In 2008, at the age of 67, Ven. Hojin departed for India, leaving his last will, in order to seek a prototype of a human Buddha. He corresponded with Ven. Jian, who stayed in Korea, for one year while he travelled India, walking
Ven. Hojin and Ven. Jian  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:15
What do you eat for living? 
What do you eat for living? Ven. Seonjae368pp|215 x 154mm|Jan 2017 For over 30 years, Ven. Seonjae has lived as a Buddhist monk and chef of temple cuisine. This book is a collection of stories that she wanted to share with others, such as “Food, the very basis of life – what is it?” “What is t
Ven. Seonjae  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:14
The Journey Home Never Seems Too Far
The Journey Home Never Seems Too FarVen. Woncheol304pp|270 x 141mm|Nov 2014 Contained in this book are his insights on daily life gained from going back and forth between metropolitan city and countryside. His stories are light and compact, reflecting the simple and ordinary life he leads, such as b
Ven. Woncheol  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:14
Water Flows, Flowers Bloom
Water Flows, Flowers BloomVen. Geumgang Mihwangsa, a Korean Buddhist mountain temple known around the world, is located in Haenam Province, on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Ven. Geumgang, the head monk of this temple, has for thirteen years since 2005 run a week-long meditation program c
Ven. Geumgang  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:14
Lectures on masterpieces of Korean Buddhist Painting
Lectures on masterpieces of Korean Buddhist PaintingSoyeon KANG272pp|240 x 175mm|Oct 2016 The author introduces ten masterpieces of Korean Buddhist paintings which moved beyond religious devotion to be sublime pieces of art. Having worked as an art scholar for over 25 years, she thoughtfully explain
Soyeon KANG  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:14
Bare Feet Of a Person
Bare Feet Of a Person Seungwon HAN320pp|223 x 152mm|April 2014 A novel about the life of Sakyamuni Buddha. It prompts contemplation on the meaning of the bare feet of Sakyamuni who was born on the road and traveled around teaching the way of living to people until the last moments of his life and en
Seungwon HAN  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:14
Enlightenment and History 
Enlightenment and History Ven. Hyeon-eung360pp|225 x 152mm|Aug 2016|English Manuscript is ready One of the critics for this book comments, “It is the first essay on Buddhist philosophy of its kind in history that moved beyond the Buddhist epistemology and ontology into the realm of enlightenment, an
Ven. Hyeon-eung  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:13
Humor in Korean Buddhist Paintings 
Humor in Korean Buddhist Paintings Jungseo Gwon320pp|248 x 176mm|March 2010 A unique characteristic that can be found only in Korean Buddhist temples, not those in Japan, China and India, is “humor.” The author finds humor and wit in every nook and corner of temple architecture, carvings and paintin
Jungseo Gwon  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:13
Mind vs. Brain
Mind vs. BrainHyunGap JANG292pp|223 x 152mm|Oct. 2009 Just as the brain changes the way the mind works, the author discusses how the mind changes the ways the brain works. Based on numerous case studies and research, he explains in detail how the training of the mind can affect brain and body.*In th
HyunGap JANG  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:13
Journal from A Seon Meditation Center
Journal from A Seon Meditation CenterVen. Jiheo116pp|210 x 148mm|Nov 2010 Since its first publication in 1993, this book has been much appreciated not only by Buddhists but also followers of other religions such as Christians. Rather short, comprising 23 episodes, the book has been highly praised by
Ven. Jiheo  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:13
World of Symbols in Korean Buddhist Temples Vol. I, II 
World of Symbols in Korean Buddhist Temples Vol. I, II Ven. JahyunVol. 1.320pp, Vol. II. 272pp |230 x 170mm|June 2012 A crossover book of culture that brings to light around 100 symbols hidden in every corner of Korean Buddhist temples and elucidates their meaning! While unraveling the symbols, the
Ven. Jahyun  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:13
Metaphor and Mind
Metaphor and MindVen. Myeongbeop254pp|215 x 140mm|Nov 2016 Using metaphor is helpful in dealing with problems. It helps you to discover your inner voice repressed in the sub-conscious and regain your inner power anew. “Metaphor and Mind” is a therapy program that Ven. Myeongbeop devised to help heal
Ven. Myeongbeop  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
What We can Learn from the Buddha on How to Get Rich
What We can Learn from the Buddha on How to Get RichSeongsik Yoon256pp|200 x 145mm|Sep 2015 The author Yoon suggests a new model of capitalism based on Buddhist teachings such as the Law of Dependent Origination and the Middle Path that can resolve numerous problems in modern society. With his lucid
Seongsik Yoon  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
Changing the Way You Think
Changing the Way You ThinkJungHo KIM212pp|210 x 148mm|Feb 2015 Kim clearly explains the way the mind works in creating stress. He then offers a simple easy way to follow to change our thought patterns in daily life. With the inclusion of real life cases, he encourages people to see what it feels lik
JungHo KIM  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
Ven. Misan’s Lecture on Early Buddhist Sutras 
Ven. Misan’s Lecture on Early Buddhist Sutras Ven. Misan384pp|230 x 155mm|May 2016 Presents the essence of Buddhist teachings such as the Law of Dependent Origination, the Four Noble Truths, the Three Universal Truths, Karma and Reincarnation, with the early Buddhist sutras from Ven. Misan, who is k
Ven. Misan  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
The Study Method of a Monk
The Study Method of a MonkVen. Jahyeon256pp|210 x 150mm|Dec 2015 The secrets of transforming a sense of inferiority into a sense of confidence and real capability! They are unraveled by Ven. Jahyun who obtained a Ph.D in four different fields: Buddhism, art, philosophy and history, respectively, and
Ven. Jahyeon  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
Words of Advice from the Buddha
Words of Advice from the BuddhaMiryoung LEE 248pp|200 x 137mm|Nov 2013 What would Buddha say about love, relationships, money and ambition if he were alive in this century? The author introduces the teachings of the Early Buddhist sutras handed down from 2,600 years ago under each aspect of life: lo
Miryoung LEE   |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:12
Mind-Healing Buddhism
Mind-Healing BuddhismVen. Seogwang288pp|223 x 152mm|Oct 2012 An introductory Buddhist psychology book that discusses and explains how Buddhist teachings are scientifically connected to the healing of one’s mind and heart by approaching the Buddha’s teachings from the perspective of psychology. *Appe
Ven. Seogwang  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:11
The Most Favorite Lines of Buddhist Sutras By Korean Buddhists 
The Most Favorite Lines of Buddhist Sutras By Korean Buddhists Jinyoung LEE296pp|180 x 128mm|June 2011 A fine selection of beautiful stories relating to such matters as mind, words, compassion, sharing, learning, and relationships found in Buddhist sutras that have been most loved and most widely di
Jinyoung LEE  |  호수 : 0  |  2017-03-15 20:11