The Joy of Being Free from Oneself

The Joy of Being Free from Oneself
- To escape from habitual thoughts that make one suffer

Category : Humanities
Target : Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults
Published Date : 12-Dec-12
ISBN : 9788974792220
Pages : 224
Book Size : 152 x 223 paperback
Keywords : Happiness; Psychology: Meditation; Observation of Mind

Why do we choose misery even though we want to be happy? The author of Lectures on True Happiness, who is also a psychologist tells us, “In order to become happy, we must overcome the habits which make our daily life difficult and try to discover what true happiness is, then make an effort to achieve it.” To do this, “It is necessary for us to put aside time in which we can look into ourselves.” He introduces the meditation of mind control that does not call for any instrument. All you need is to turn your attention inward—to realize that “me” whose mood shifts from happy to unhappy is not really the true I. The being that is in an endless pursuit of pleasure is also not the true “I.” The authentic I, underneath the ego, will surface, and be in control of one’s life for the actualization of true happiness.

Kim Jungho
Kim Jeong-ho, the author, received his doctoral degree in psychology from Korea University and currently teaches in the department of Psychology at Duksung Women’s University. He has served as president of the Korea Psychological Association, Korean Health Psychological Association, and as director of the Korean Society of Stress Medicine. At present, he is the head of the Observing Your Mind-Positive Psychology Research Institute, which is an umbrella organization of the Korea Health Psychology Association. He is the author of Observing One’s Mind Meditation Manual, by Solgahwak Publishing, 2016, and Changing Your Way of Thinking, by Bulkwang Media, 2015.

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