A Meditation Book for Those In Their Twenties

A Meditation Book for Those In Their Twenties
- How Psychology Students Use Mindful Meditation

Category : Humanities
Target : Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults
Published Date : Februrary 27, 2014
ISBN : 9788974790479
Pages : 352
Book Size : 152 x 210 paperback
Keywords : Psychology; Observing One’s Mind; Meditation; Self-improvement

Professor Kim Jeong-ho who teaches in the department of psychology at Duksung Women’s University carried on an eight-week long meditation program for thirty students who are in their twenties. The students kept a meditation diary in which they kept a record of what they ate and studied, as well as the transformation of their attitude and perspective on life that they experienced. The author’s discourse of psychology and meditation merged together with these students’ experiences to produce this book.
By looking at oneself directly through meditation, there are many instances of people who have discovered their infinite potential that they themselves were not cognizant of until now. Moreover, there are accounts of those who have come to truly understand and love themselves, instead of going along with someone else’s agenda or self-abuse. This book can be seen as a genuinely authentic self-improvement book in light of how it shows the readers that a meaningful growth is possible only through self-awareness.

Kim Jungho
Kim Jeong-ho, the author, received his doctoral degree in psychology from Korea University and currently teaches in the Department of Psychology at Duksung Women’s University. He has served as president of the Korea Psychological Association, Korean Health Psychological Association, and as director of the Korean Society of Stress Medicine. At present, he is the head of the Observing Your Mind-Positive Psychology Research Institute, which is an umbrella organization of the Korean Health Psychological Association. He is the author of Observing One’s Mind Meditation Manual, by Solgahwak Publishing, 2016, and Changing Your Way of Thinking, by Bulkwang Meida, 2015.

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