History of Buddhism in Korea As a Story


Category : Humanities and Social Sciences
Target : Adults
Published Date : 03-Sep-18
ISBN : 9788974794422
Pages : 544
Book Size : 152 x 225 paperback
Keywords : Korean History; History of Buddhism in Korea; History; Religion; Diachronic Perspective.


One important historical aspect that should be considered when we talk about Korean history is the history of Buddhism. Buddhism was first introduced to Korea during the Goguryeo dynasty and then to Backje, Shilla, and Gaya. Continuing on  down through the Goryeo dynasty and the Joseon dynasty, it is still writing a page in contemporary Korean history. Up until now, in most cases, histories of Korean Buddhism have  focused on ideas or people and  been dealt with from scholarly perspectives, which made them inaccessible for the general public. History of Buddhism in Korea As a Story was written by the Independent scholar Lee Yihwa, who is renowned for telling Korean history in the easiest way for all to understand. Lee relates the history of Korean Buddhism in his unique storytelling style, contextualizing it within the larger history of Korea.  This book will make the reader feel close to and help them to easily understand the history of Buddhism in Korea;  the goal and distinct characteristics of this book.

Lee Yihwa
Lee Yihwa has worked for the National Culture Promotion Committee and Kyujanggak library at Seoul National University and dedicated  himself to Korean studies. His passion goes to research on Korean national history, the history of everyday life, and the history of people. One of his specialties is what would be called personage study in which Lee  reevaluates historic people from the perspective of today. Lee is a prolific author. His books include Korean History As Stories Series (22 volumes); Stories of People in Korean History Series (10 volumes); One Volume Korean History; Biographical History of the Donghak Peasant War; Jeon Bongjun, The Record of the Revolution; Heo Gyun’s Thoughts; We’ve Met a Great Spring; and The Age of Popular Uprising.  

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