A Heart-to-Heart Meeting

A Heart-to-Heart Meeting
- The Catholic nun, Yi Hae-in, the Venerable Haemin, the poet, Kim Seon-wu, et al., tell their stories about meeting the Venerable Monk Beopjeong that will resonate profoundly with the reader.

Category : Literature
Target : Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults
Published Date : 29-Jan-13
ISBN : 9788974792244
Pages : 352
Book Size : 152 x 210 paperback
Keywords : Mentor; The Venerable Beopjeong; Famed Person; Essay.

The Catholic nun, Yi Hae-in, the Venerable Haemin, the poet, Kim Seon-wu, and the artist, Yi Cheol-su are people who inspire and give us hope with their words and art. The common denominator of these people is the Venerable Monk, Beopjeong, of whom all of them met. The book, Heartwarming Encounter, contains eighteen different stories about each of their meetings with the revered monk whose teaching is still powerfully relevant.

Byun Taekjoo
The author went all over South Korea to start a “Kiddy Peace Library.” He has so far opened thirty such libraries in places like a kindergarten, elementary school, corridor of a middle school, food shop, car center, small restaurant, café, church, temple, entrance of a multiplex, and places with the scars of history. He served as an M.C. for the dharma lectures of the Venerable Monk Beopjeong for a long time. He is the author of The Breath of the Venerable Monk Beopjeong, Heartfelt Encounter, A Manual for My Own Words, and Curious About Buddhism.

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