The Recovery of Contemplation in the Age of Online Searching

The Recovery of Contemplation in the Age of Online Searching

Category : Nonfiction
Target : Young adults and up
Published Date : 10-Mar-15
ISBN : 9788974790950
Pages : 322
Book Size : 152 x 225 paperback
Keywords : Life; contemplation; study; humanities

Meditation over googling! We should recover our ability to think and ponder. Buddhist monks are experts on meditation; their everyday routine centers on meditation and study. Venerable Beop-inn has been sharing the fruits of his meditation with the world. Because of his perceptive and thoughtful solutions to the problems many young people have while trying to find their way, Venerable Beop-inn has been called by young Buddhist followers an expert who pinpoints problems as well as the solutions to them. In the book, he emphasizes the importance of living an examined life. In simple and direct prose, he tells readers not to be seduced by things that have no substance in life. Instead of simply responding to outside stimuli without any critical observation or examination, one should be more self-aware and look deeper into oneself. He emphasizes the importance of contemplation, meditation, and self-reflection as the best tools to survive each day.

Venerable Beop-inn
Venerable Beop-inn worked as the director of the Silsangsa Temple-affiliated Hwaeom Academy, the editor of the Buddhist Newspaper, and the educational director of the Jogye Order. In 2000, while working as the camp director of Daeheungsa Temple in Haenam, he started the program “Morning Walk in the Forest,” which led the way for future temple-stay programs. For four years starting in 2009, he was the educational director of the Jogye Order and led education reforms for Buddhist monks through a program called “Changes for the Next Hundred Years.” This first-of-its-kind program included the Buddhist School for Young People, which served as a way for young people to find solution to their problems. Venerable Beop-inn currently resides at Ilji Hermitage, which is famous for Korean tea.

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