Einstein's Cosmic Religion and Buddhism

This book delves into the harmony of modern physics and Buddhism, which was referred to as a “cosmic religion” by Albert Einstein.

Category : Humanities
Target : Adults
Published Date : 02-Apr-18
ISBN : 9788974793937
Pages : 408
Book Size : 152 x 225 paperback
Keywords : Einstein: Buddhism; Religion; Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics

Albert Einstein, viewed as one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century, discovered that time, which was previously viewed as absolute, was actually relative in his theories of Special and General Relativity.
Einstein compared religion and science as the two wheels of a cart. He also stated that in order for religion and science to work like a pair of wheels on a cart, religion has to be validated by science and give inspiration to scientist and artists. 
Einstein called that kind of religion a “cosmic religion.” A cosmic religion is based on cosmic religious feeling and is described as a sense of having understood the indescribable truth. It is also when one has awakened to the futility of false desire and experienced the epiphanic intuition of the majestic order and mysticism as manifested in the dual sides of the material and spiritual. 
Einstein considered Buddhism as being closest to the cosmic religion because many similarities are found between the cosmology that modern physics sets out to elucidate and the teachings of Buddhism, not to mention how it profoundly inspires physicists. The book, Albert Einstein’s Cosmic Religion and Buddhism, validates Einstein’s assertion while exploring the connections between modern physics and Buddhism.

Kim Sungku
The author received B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Seoul National University. He received a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Washington in the USA. He taught at Ewha Womans University, serving as the Dean of the Department of the Natural Sciences in the undergraduate and the graduate schools. At present, he is engaged in the study and practice of Buddhism with the other practitioners at Yakcheon Temple that he established in Hamyang, South Gyeongsang Province. He is the co-author of Understanding Modern Physics Through Cheontae Buddhist Philosophy and Understanding Paramita By Way of Modern Physics.

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