100 Scenes of Buddhist History by Ven. Jahyun

This book shows in 100 scenes how Buddhism originated and developed, along with how it was transmitted and developed in other countries. 

Category : Humanities
Target : Adults
Published Date : 12-Nov-18
ISBN : 9788974794767
Pages : 588
Book Size : 170 x 225 paperback
Keywords : Buddhism; History; Development; India; Chiina; Korea

Just as one needs to know something about the Greek and Roman mythology in order to have a fuller understanding of the Western culture and its history, Buddhism is a “must” to better understand the history and culture of Asia. Buddhism, which is nowadays viewed as one of the world religions, was not just a religion but a dominant ideology, especially in China and Korea. This book shows how Buddhism, which originated in India reached Korea by way of China in 100 significant scenes, and how Buddhism came about, was transmitted, and how it evolved and developed in each of some other countries. The 100 notable scenes of Buddhism are categorized by countries, then by eras, but strictly speaking it is not chronological. Most people would pay attention to the incidents that took place in specific time period when studying history, but the goal of this book is for the readers to understand the flow of history. For that reason, instead of citing specific incidents, the book describes the circumstances that gave rise to a certain ideology or a figure. Consequently, the book presents the insights into the cultural backdrop or the history of ideology and the relevant circumstantial background of the neighboring countries. Moreover, the book has twenty or more diagrams that will help the reader comprehend the text quickly, and thirteen maps that will identify unfamiliar regions, as well as a more detailed explanation of the main texts with “learn in detail,” all of which will most certainly make it easier for the understanding of the history and culture of India, China, and Korea. 

Venerable Jahyun
The author majored in Buddhism at Dongguk University and got an M.A. in East Asian Philosophy from Sungkyunkwan University. He went on to receive doctoral degrees in East Asian Philosophy (Vinaya Pitaka) from Sungkyunkwan University, art history (architecture) from Dongguk University, Zen Buddhism from the Department of Philosophy at Korea University, and Korean Ancient History from the Department of History Education at Dongguk University. He has submitted over 150 scholarly papers having to do with India, China, Korea, and Japan in many academic journals of South Korean research foundations. He is the author of forty or more books, including The Origin of Korean Seon Buddhism, Jigong and Naong, and The Thesis of a Buddhist Monk.

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