Zen Master Jeokmyeong

This is a posthumous anthology of
Venerable Jeokmyeong’s writing.

Category : Literature
Target : Adults
Published Date : 10-Feb-20
ISBN : 9788974797805
Pages : 232
Book Size : 145 x 215 paperback
Keywords : Korean Buddhism; Zen Meditation Monk; Most Revered; Bongam Temple: Posthumous

Venerable Jeokmyeong, who entered nirvana at the end of last year, spent sixty years of his monkhood solely in meditation. During his lifetime, he turned down all positions and any kind of authority; nor did he give any dharma talk to the general public. He did not leave behind hardly any writings either—nothing was published. His actions and practices proved his authenticity. Fortunately, his journal and a few of his dharma talks remain to show his deep and intense engagement in the pursuit of the Buddhist truth. This book, which is a compilation of his diary entries and short parts of lectures, came about through the wish of those around him who would like to cherish Venerable  Jeokmyeong’s life and his practice. It is his “first book” as well as a posthumous work. His succinct style of writing, which requires no addendum reveals the revered monk’s wholly dedicated life. His legacy will serve as a mirror not only for those closest to him but for the world. 

Venerable Jeokmyeong
Venerable Jeokmyeong was known as a prominent “meditation monk,” i.e., one who mostly meditates as his primary calling. He was greatly respected by Buddhists and non-Buddhists for his exceptional moral character and his dedicated practice. Although he was viewed as the most outstanding monk of meditation, he turned down the highest-ranking position of a great teacher at Bongam Temple, Korea, and sat alongside his junior monks during meditation. It grieved many people when he all of a sudden entered Nirvana during the winter meditation retreat on December 24, 2019. 

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