Food in Buddhism


Category : Humanities and Social Sciences
Target : Adults
Published Date : 05-Feb-18
ISBN : 9788974793852
Pages : 464
Book Size : 152 x 225 paperback
Keywords : Buddhism; Food; Discipline; Desire; Food Culture; Religion.


Food culture plays an important role in Buddhism, which relates  to the problem of identity of Buddhism. The problems of food and desire comprise a cosmology in Buddhism; that is, they not only relate to the ultimate attitude of a Buddhist but also constitute a part of the discipline system. So how can we follow how food means this in Buddhism? 

<Food in Buddhism> examines a massive amount of material from  ancient Indian literatures to modern scholarly works as well as Buddhist literatures such as the Pali Canon in order to explicate a  fundamental Buddhist understanding of food and the Buddhist  attitude toward it and how this has changed over the course of time.

Kong Manshik
The author Kong Manshik received his Masters degree in the Department of Buddhism at Dongguk University. He studied the history of Indian Buddhism and early Buddhism at the University of Delhi. Kong received his doctorate at SOAS University of London and King’s College, specializing in Food Studies and Religions. He has worked at Dongguk University as visiting professor.

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