My First Nordic Myths

Category : Humanities
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : Oct. 8, 2018
ISBN : 9788998602833 
Pages : 232
Book Size : 128 x 188  Paperback
Keywords : Nordic myths; introduction to myths

The book begins by explaining the huge phenomenon of The Lord of the Rings and Avengers series, whose stories were inspired by Nordic myths. When people hear the word “myth,” they usually think of Greek myths, but Nordic myths have been the source of inspiration for many films and other cultural content for quite some time. The writer wrote this book for the many people who are still unfamiliar with Nordic myths. The book introduces twelve stories, including the one about Ginnungagap, the primordial void between ice and fire, and Ragnarök, a series of foretold events that will eventually lead to the end of the world. After the stories, the writer asks a question: Why Nordic myths now? According to the writer, the time for Greek myths has ended, and now is the time for Nordic myths. Greek myths began in the Mediterranean, where everything was plentiful, and as they were handed down for centuries, including the time of Renaissance, they have been retold and refined to have the image of a model student, in a matter of speaking. On the other hand, Nordic myths had their beginning in the inhospitable land of Northern Europe and lay dormant under ice for many years, earning the image of a rebel.


Lee Kyoungdeok

Lee Kyoungdeok studied philosophy as an undergraduate and studied anthropology in graduate school. He received his Ph.D. from Hanyang University for his studies in myths and rituals. Presently, he teaches on the topics of rituals, celebrations, myths, and economic anthropology. His books include East and West Myths near Us, Myths: The Mirror of Our Time, Samguk Yusa: The Road to Our Antiquity, and Korea’s Cultural Legacy Recognized by UNESCO. He has also translated the following titles: The Power of Wavering; Foucault, Barth, Lévi-Strauss, and Lacan Made Easy; and Stories about Greeks.

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