Bare Feet Of a Person

Bare Feet Of a Person 

Seungwon HAN

320pp|223 x 152mm|April 2014


A novel about the life of Sakyamuni Buddha. It prompts contemplation on the meaning of the bare feet of Sakyamuni who was born on the road and traveled around teaching the way of living to people until the last moments of his life and entered the parinirvana on the path. 


*The masterpiece of Seungwon HAN whose father is also famous novelist Gang HAN 

*He says that Sakyamuni renounced the world in order to put an end to the deeply-rooted class discrimination in his society.  



Seungwon HAN

He is a veteran writer in Korea who has published tens of novels and poetic works, and received a number of Korea’s prestigious literary awards such as the Yi Sang Literary Award and Kim Tong-ni Literary Award.

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