Smart Way of Studying Economics with a Funny Economist!

Smart Way of Studying Economics with a Funny Economist!

Chunwook HONG

344pp|225 x 150mm|May 2016


As an avid reader who reads 200 books per year, the author carefully selected 60 of these and shares with us insights from them. This is a great guide offering clarity for those who want to learn about real economics and to gain a broader perspective when reading about economics. 


*Improves your ability to read about the real economy from various standpoints

*Book recommended by the KT Economics & Management Research Institute, Korea



Chunwook HONG

He is a so-called power blogger who has around 36,000 regular readers, and he was the famous economist who managed assets of $500 billion per year, the biggest amount in Korea. He was also selected as the Most Trustworthy Analyst in 2016 and has published several bestsellers including The Future of Population and Investment and The Future of Exchange Rate. 


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