Journal from A Seon Meditation Center

Journal from A Seon Meditation Center

Ven. Jiheo

116pp|210 x 148mm|Nov 2010


Since its first publication in 1993, this book has been much appreciated not only by Buddhists but also followers of other religions such as Christians. Rather short, comprising 23 episodes, the book has been highly praised by many critics. It is said that while the author depicted the tough and intense life as a practitioner and the inherent loneliness of human existence, he never lost his sense of humor and warmth. And the anecdotes that he tells are both funny and bring a tear to the eye so readers find themselves at times weeping and at other times laughing out loud. And somehow without realizing it readers can absorb a great deal of the Buddhist teachings through this book. 


*More than 17,000 copies sold in Korea
*Includes 23 color photos of Seon practitioners’ life at the meditation center 


Ven. Jiheo

He is known to have graduated from Seoul National University. After graduation, he renounced the world and went on many retreats in several Seon meditation centers across the country. However, his life journey is not known to the public. After bringing out this book in 1993, he disappeared and the path he subsequently took is unknown. 

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