Open This Letter When Life Gets Hard

Category : Social sciences
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : 2019-02-18
ISBN : 9788974796556
Pages : 392
Book Size : 137*200, Paperback
Keywords : Buddhist stories; historical figures; moving stories; koans.


A collection of anecdotes of monks pondering the meaning behind life. These anecdotes show Buddhist teachings by example. They are not spoken teachings but actions shown through one's own living in a moving manner, actions that have now become legends. A life must be beautiful to be remembered, to be passed down for the ages. No matter how high someone's position or knowing of the scriptures, it is all useless without a life of beauty. Choi Changho is an organic farmer in Gangwon Province. He tends the fields by day and reads books and translates by night. For the past twenty years, he has read many books on Christianity and Buddhism. He believes that religion is the best teacher for leading people into thoughtful lives that engage with the fundamentals of existence. He has collected many stories that he wishes to share with others. This book is a part of his collected stories, the result of twenty years of reading and thinking.


Choi Sunghyun

Choi Sunghyun is a self-sustaining organic farmer in the mountains of Gangwon Province where he writes and also translates from Japanese. His books include Ivanhoe's Mountain Stories, Living in the Mountains, A Single Mustard Seed, Things You See Only After a Long While, Walking Shikoku, and Mother's Gift. His translations include Organic Farming, A Revolution from a Single Straw of Hay, The Mysterious Field, A Country with No Need for Money, Walking to Yesterday, The Joy of Living Here, Learning from Trees, and Let Me Tell You About Peace.

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