Why is Buddhist Temple Food so Tasty?

Why is Buddhist Temple Food so Tasty?

Chan-il PARK 

301pp |210 x 148mm|April 2017 


The ultimate taste from not over-cooking and seasoning the ingredients harvested from nature! Chef Park travelled across the country with thirteen Buddhist monks, known to be leading figures in Korean temple cuisine, seeking to capture the essence of this taste. He grew crops himself, waited for them to be fully ripe before harvesting, cooked them and wrote down the recipes he used. His sumptuous meals in spring, summer, fall and winter respectively using ingredients from the fields, mountains, and oceans, took place for three consecutive years. This book is a record of this three-year long journey. 


Chan-il PARK

He is the star chef who has captivated the people’s palate with his unique recipe, using traditional Korean ingredients in Western recipes. He is the first chef in Korea to introduce an Italian restaurant which uses seasonal ingredients and changes the menu daily depending upon their availability. 

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