What do you eat for living? 

What do you eat for living? 
Ven. Seonjae

368pp|215 x 154mm|Jan 2017


For over 30 years, Ven. Seonjae has lived as a Buddhist monk and chef of temple cuisine. This book is a collection of stories that she wanted to share with others, such as “Food, the very basis of life – what is it?” “What is the relation between food and our body and our spirit?” “Why is temple food so vital for modern people?” She also added her “Recipes of 51 Must-Eat Dishes in Temple Cuisine for Koreans” introducing foods which are easy for ordinary people to make in everyday life. Her message is about humans and nature, the value of food and life, and this might be encapsulated in another way: the happiness of all beings.


Ven. Seonjae

She has given more than four thousand lectures on Korean temple food across Korea and also overseas such as the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto and Le Cordon Bleu, France. She was awarded the title of the Master of Temple Food for the first time by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. 



Ven. Seonjae’s Buddhist Temple Food with a Sprinkling of her Stories
Ven. Seonjae
256pp|235 x 188mm|May 2011


More than 50,000 copies sold 
Translation rights sold: Simplified Chinese 

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