Water Flows, Flowers Bloom

Water Flows, Flowers Bloom

Ven. Geumgang


Mihwangsa, a Korean Buddhist mountain temple known around the world, is located in Haenam Province, on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Ven. Geumgang, the head monk of this temple, has for thirteen years since 2005 run a week-long meditation program called “Scent of the True Person” So far about 2,000 people have gained wisdom about life through this program guided by Ven. Geumgang himself and it was recently held for the 100th time. This book contains the very essence of his teaching and through it you will be gently guided to the world of Seon meditation that leads you to true freedom and happiness.


Ven. Geumgang

He welcomes to the temple not only Korean seekers of truth but also those from other countries such as Germany, Russia and Brazil. By offering a variety of educational, cultural and meditation programs at the temple, he is playing a valuable part in bringing Buddhism closer to the general public in Korea and indeed the world. 


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