11 Questions About Modern Korean History 

11 Questions About Modern Korean History 

Segil PARK

320pp|225 x 150mm|June 2015


Korea has the discredit of being the lowest ranking in terms of youth employment rate among all the OECD countries. How can it be that Korea has become a society stifling the potential of the young generation? This book answers questions that may have arisen in people’s minds by answering 11 key questions that reveal the secrets of modern Korean history. 


*Influenced the view of history of Koreans in their 40s and 50s
*Food for thought for the people of today who live in a world which is becoming more and more conservative



Segil PARK

Whilst studying philosophy at university he was engaged in the social movement in his 20s. He has worked as a history lecturer and author of history books for the people. His book, Rewriting Modern Korean History, loved by younger generations in Korea, is considered a must-read. 


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