Wake Up a Little Joy

Category : Humanities, social science
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : 2018-12-07
ISBN : 9788974794842
Pages : 360
Book Size : 152*220, Paperback
Keywords : meditation; somatics theory; art therapy; Four Immeasurable Mindsets


This book deals with methods of mindful cultivation involving writing, drawing, and moving the whole body. In Buddhism, we call the four mindful emotions of kindness, compassion, joy, and equinamity the Four Immeasurable Mindsets. But these four mindsets are not only for the sake of others. They allow their holders to conquer such poisonous emotions as anger, hate, intimidation, and jealousy. The Four Immeasurable Mindsets, therefore, are about taking care of one's own self. Most of the books on cultivating the Mindsets are based on "still" cultivations like meditation, but this book features art therapy and somatics toward realizing Buddhist ideals. By writing, drawing, and moving the whole body, practitioners who have trouble concentrating or sitting still for long periods will get to enjoy the benefits of meditation and cultivation.


The Venerable Jeongyun Jaema

The Venerable Jeongyun Jaema received his calling while traveling in India and coming across the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Curious of the truth and teachings of the Buddha, he studied under Monk Hyeyun in Goseonsa Temple beginning in 2004. He is now an instructor of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and manages the templestay program and teaches Buddhist Character at Joong-Ang Sangha University, Self and Meditation at Dongguk University, and meditation at the digital arm of the Jogye Order's school. He dreams of a moving congregation, a dancing temple, and leads retreats on somatic Four Immeasurable Mindsets meditation. He is head of the Art of Meditation Center.

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