Resilient to Stress: Type E Personality

Category : Humanities, social sciences
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : 30-Sep-17
ISBN : 9788974793692
Pages : 264
Book Size : 145 x 205, Paperback
Keywords : Psychology; Personality types; Stress; Positivity


The field of health psychology has always categorized personalities into types A to D, depending on how a person reacts to a stressful situation (e.g. danger, despair, sadness, fury, loneliness, etc.) and stated that each type tends to suffer from different diseases. Perfectionist Type A is more likely to get heart diseases. Positive, not-so-realistic Type B finds it hard to adjust to society. Introverted, defensive Type C is bad at dealing with anger, leading to higher cancer incidence. Offensive, cynical Type D is more likely to die an early death from coronary artery diseases, heart diseases, or depression. 
In September 2017, the author added a new type to the list—Type E. Type E personality minimizes any negative effects on their body and mind by changing stressful situations in daily life, both big and small, into a positive energy and striking “hormonal balance”. “E” comes from the term “Eustress,” meaning good stress. This type doesn’t avoid obstacles in their lives but relies on rational decisions and behavior. This doesn’t mean unconditional positivity—it’s a “reasonable positivity” that doesn’t aggravate the situation with devastation and despair. Negative emotions are resolved before long to maintain healthy body and mind. They also show tolerance to diseases and pain and engage in flexible relationships at home and at work. 
But we should not just focus on producing endorphins, the positive hormone, in our body to become a Type E. The most ideal way is to utilize the power within ourselves and reach hormonal balance. That is, we should control hormone production by changing our personalities slightly. This doesn’t require a complete changeover but a small change in the way we think. This is like taking one step to the side from the center, which will make us head toward a whole new destination. 


Author Pyun Kwangho

Author Pyun Kwangho graduated from the School of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea, and earned his Ph.D in Genetics Research from the same university’s graduate school. He then went to the U.S. to teach at Washington State University as a Research Professor at the College of Medicine, during which time he was invited back to Korea to be the CEO of Korea Research Institute of Bio Science. 
He currently works at a hospital for the elderly in Jeongeup, North Jeolla Province. He has published over 140 papers in domestic and international journals, co-written Stress and Psychosomatic Medicine; Control Your Mind to Cure Bodily Diseases; and Relaxation and Meditation for Better Quality of Life, and edited Integrated Psychosomatic Medicine. 

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