Meditation Changes the Brain

Category : Social science
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : 2019-04-12
ISBN : 9788974796631
Pages : 280
Book Size : 152*210, Paperback
Keywords : meditation; brain science; mindfulness


Google, Facebook, Apple, and other global tech companies have long adopted meditation as a stress-release program for its employees. Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, would use meditation for introspection and creativity, bringing on this trend to the tech sphere. In the West, the so-called elite educational institutions also adopted derivatives of Buddhist meditation, a fact well-known thanks to international media attention. Why is meditation so prevalent? It is clear they are not meditating for religious purposes. Everyone has their own reason, but meditation here is a tool for stress relieving more than a path of spirituality. This book discusses how our brains create emotions like depression, anxiety, and hostility, and illustrates how meditation relieves the brain of such emotions from a psychological, neuroscientific, and medical perspective, driving home the importance of meditation in modern life.


Chang Hyunkab

Chang Hyunkab is a Seoul National University and Yeongnam University psychology professor and has also taught at Catholic Medical School. In 2005, he was designated as one of the "100 Educators" by the International Biographical Centre in the UK as well as inducted into its Hall of Fame. The American Biographical Institute also recognized him as one of "500 Most Influential People" in 2006 and "2009 Man of the Year 50." He has written Mind vs Brain, Stress Is My Strength, and A Psychologist's Life Lab, while translating Buddha's Brain, The Mind Cures the Body, and others.

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