One Day A Cat Came to Me

Category : Literature
Target : Adults
Published Date : 30-Dec-17
ISBN : 9788974793753 
Pages : 264
Book Size : 143*215, Paperback
Keywords : Essay; Animal; Temple


In the winter of 2017, the venerable Bokyung completed his term of twelve years as the head of an urban temple. He was on his way to a mountain temple when he came upon a cat out of nowhere in the middle of the woods. 

For the duration of the winter, they served as each other’s mirror into themselves. Life is whole as it is, for just one person if not for two people but the togetherness will bring about a new experience. This book contains an inner dialogue of the two. 

“If you are well, then I am well,” is the Ancient Roman greeting. In other words, when my life is going well, then it is ultimately benefitting the universe. The “you” here refer to all things that are related to one because nothing in the Universe is separate from me. The mountain, field, wind, flower, and tree could be us, and the time and space within us where all things exist are us. 

That is why the Buddhists believe the foremost prerequisite to live a harmonious life is to gain oneness. Think of your family. Don’t we feel thankful to our loved ones for the simplest reason that they are well? 

How would you define the way you are by looking at a cat? This question could lead to another one of “Are you well, yourself?” Even though we live in an era of the most sophisticated technology, people feel more alone and alienated. Be it a person or an animal, a cat or anyone, if you are prepared to treat a being with warmth and compassion, then this entity called “I” can live a fuller life. Thus, be it a cat or a human being, everyone deserves to be happy for the simple reason of being born. 

Hence, this is a book that can draw out the latent compassion in all of us through a “cat.”

The venerable Bokyung entered the Buddhist priesthood under the venerable monk Hyeonho at Songgwangsa Temple. He served as the director of education at Jogye Order Education Center, member of Central Council, Executive Director of Social Welfare Foundation of Jogye Order, and the head monk of Beopryeon Temple. 

He is the author of Joy of Life, Strolling in the Forest of Tales, Happy Prayer, and Daily Meditation That Will Change Your Life. His anthologies of lectures and essays include the following titles: Joy of Meditation, Study of the Lotus Sutra, Lectures on 42 Sutras, Yearn Act and It Will Come True, Joy of Reading Suttanipata, Study of Suseonsa, Lectures on Zen Riddles and Chanting, and Wisdom of Life Derived from Agama. 


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