I Wonder about Buddhism

Category : Humanities, social sciences
Target : Teenagers, young adults, adults
Published Date : 02-Sep-19
ISBN : 9788974796839
Pages : 264
Book Size : 147*215, Paperback
Keywords : Teenagers; Guide to Buddhism


The book provides an easy and friendly explanation about Buddhism in the format of a teenager asking questions to the old man at the library. There are answers to 95 questions in total, covering minor subjects like “Is Buddha a god or a human?” or “How many bowls did Buddha have?” as well as serious themes such as “Does non-possession mean not owning anything?” or “What would Buddha have said about homosexuality?” 
The author uses simple and plain words so that all readers, regardless of age, can understand easily. Ninety-five questions are more than enough to satisfy one’s curiosity about Buddhism. And above all, the book emphasizes that Buddhism is more than a religion; it is wisdom that lets us lead a better life and build a better world.  
Major changes happen during the teenage years. It is when people begin to think bigger and become more generous. For teenagers, body and mind grow together, and they see and listen to a wider world, during which they start to build their own standards. Buddhism is a religion of thoughts. Buddha’s enlightenment came from deep meditation, and that wisdom lies in “How I view myself and the world.” Because of this, the religion offers teenager an important pillar as they build their own view of the world. Many countries are already utilizing Buddhism as a thinking tool to “take care of their minds and understand others and the world.” Grade schools in particular are teaching the Buddhist way of meditation to help teenagers stabilize their mind and body. The basis of this meditation program is the Buddhist teaching to “not judge, and take a thing in as it is.” 
The book wonderfully blends Buddha’s teaching about “looking after your own mind and thoughts.” For teenagers who find it difficult to control their emotions, such as pain or loneliness, Buddhism can be a great way to find balance within themselves.


Byun Taekjoo

Author Byun Taekjoo goes around the world to open small and peaceful libraries called the Children’s Peace Library. To date, around thirty of them have been established in corridors of kindergartens, elementary schools and middle schools, at grocery stores, car centers, restaurants, coffee shops, churches, Buddhist temples, entrance of townhouses, and historic sites that carry painful memories. He was long the host at sermons by Korea’s great monk Beobjeong, and is the author of Breath of Monk Beobjeong; Meetings that Our Heart Calls; and Copyleft that Launched a Spaceship. 


Kwon Yongdeuk

Cartoonist Kwon Yongdeuk likes trivial stories of ordinary people. He draws and writes for a variety of books and media. His works include: comic books My Love Yeongsun and A Pretty Woman; an essay entitled Everyone Doing What They Want; and short comics called The Legendary Spicy Rice Cake in Front of the School and The Red Medicine.

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