A Lecture on Buddhist Philosophy at the Minnesota State University Moorhead

Category : Social science
Target : Young adult, adult
Published Date : 2019-06-03
ISBN : 9788974796709
Pages : 280
Book Size : 130*200, Paperback
Keywords : Introduction to Buddhism; American college curriculum; Buddhist philosophy; debate


A collection of lecture notes and discussions from a class on Buddhist philosophy held at Minnesota State University.


The author Hong Changseong discusses basic Buddhist teachings to the most ideal levels of enlightenment using contemporary language and examples that anyone can understand. His perspective as a scholar of Western philosophy also gives him unique insight into the detailed, intellectual, and logical aspects of the topic. The book provides a path into the difficult philosophical questions of Buddhism. For those with some knowledge of Buddhism or complete novices interested in Eastern philosophy, the book provides a new way of looking at our world and our lives.

Writer : Prof, Hong Changseong
Hong Changseong obtained a BA and MA from Seoul National University's philosophy department and received his PhD from Brown University. He has taught for twenty years at the Minnesota State University Moorhead where he specialized in metaphysical psychophilosophy and Buddhist philosophy. He has written many papers on the relationship between the mind and material world in both English and Korean, particularly concerning the yeongi concept in Buddhism and its implications for both Eastern and Western metaphysics. He translated Realization and History with his wife and professor Yu Seon-gyeong.

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