The Journey Home Never Seems Too Far

The Journey Home Never Seems Too Far

Ven. Woncheol

304pp|270 x 141mm|Nov 2014


Contained in this book are his insights on daily life gained from going back and forth between metropolitan city and countryside. His stories are light and compact, reflecting the simple and ordinary life he leads, such as boiling water for tea on a rainy day and making kimchi with the cabbages he has grown. However, his stories of these moments are insightful and vivid. Though seemingly rather simple and concise, they somehow quietly touch the heart and offer you repose and a sense of wisdom about life. 


*More than 20,000 copies sold in Korea 
*The author is one of the most widely respected writers in the Korean Buddhist community.


Ven. Woncheol

He used to be a chief editor of the monthly Buddhist magazine Haein and he has communicated with the general public by contributing a great number of articles, which both contain expertise and are accessible, to many newspapers and magazines. His precise and concise writing style earned him the praise of “the Buddhist monk who is a successor to the great monk of letters, the late Ven. Beopjeong.”


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