Letter of a Pilgrim

Letter of a Pilgrim

Ven. Hojin and Ven. Jian 

268pp|205 x 145mm|Feb. 2015


In 2008, at the age of 67, Ven. Hojin departed for India, leaving his last will, in order to seek a prototype of a human Buddha. He corresponded with Ven. Jian, who stayed in Korea, for one year while he travelled India, walking 630 kilometers under the blazing sun. This book is a collection of their correspondence and contains their touching stories from the pilgrim’s solitude and difficulties on the journey that he made at the risk of his life to the two Buddhist monks’ endless passion and spirit of inquiry for truth.  



Ven. Hojin
He received a Ph.D in Early Buddhism from the Department of Philosophy at Sorbonne University France and is now a Buddhist scholar and researcher in Korea. 


Ven. Jian
He is well-known as one of the most outstanding and eminent monastic teachers in Korean Buddhism. He teaches at Buddhist Sangha Universities in Korea.

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