Metaphor and Mind

Metaphor and Mind

Ven. Myeongbeop

254pp|215 x 140mm|Nov 2016


Using metaphor is helpful in dealing with problems. It helps you to discover your inner voice repressed in the sub-conscious and regain your inner power anew. “Metaphor and Mind” is a therapy program that Ven. Myeongbeop devised to help heal the wounds of people in the modern world at the Metaphor and Mind Center that she runs. She, in this book, introduces the theories of philosophy, psychology, Buddhism and anthropology, that she applied when creating and running this program, and includes twelve counselling cases. 



Ven. Myeongbeop

She teaches Aesthetics, Meditation, and Buddhism at several educational institutes including universities. She co-founded the “Mir Cultural Center,” the community of several NGOs that seek alternative ways of life in this world, and at this Center, she runs the “Metaphor and Mind Center.” 


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