Changing the Way You Think

Changing the Way You Think

JungHo KIM

212pp|210 x 148mm|Feb 2015


Kim clearly explains the way the mind works in creating stress. He then offers a simple easy way to follow to change our thought patterns in daily life. With the inclusion of real life cases, he encourages people to see what it feels like to you yourself change your stress-inducing way of thinking to a healthy way.


*This book introduces the “Motivational Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” that applies Buddhist practice to the established psychological treatment.


JungHo KIM

He is currently a Professor of Psychology. He used to serve as the President of the Korean Psychological Association, and Chairman of the Korean Society of Stress Medicine. He is opening new horizons in the field of psychological health by combining psychology and Buddhist mindfulness meditation. 



The Joy of being Free of Myself
JungHo KIM
224pp|223 x 152mm|December 2012


Mentoring on Mindfulness Meditation 
JungHo KIM
352pp|223 x 152mm|April 2011

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