World of Symbols in Korean Buddhist Temples Vol. I, II 

World of Symbols in Korean Buddhist Temples Vol. I, II 

Ven. Jahyun

Vol. 1.320pp, Vol. II. 272pp |230 x 170mm|June 2012


A crossover book of culture that brings to light around 100 symbols hidden in every corner of Korean Buddhist temples and elucidates their meaning! While unraveling the symbols, the author tells the story of the path Buddhism traveled when being brought from India to Korea from a comprehensive perspective of history, culture and religion to provide an even deeper understanding. 


*More than 15,000 copies sold

*Includes 350 illustrations helping readers to gain a true understanding 

*Allows for an understanding of Korean Buddhist temples in a comprehensive way 



Ven. Jahyun

He is an intellectual monk of great intellect who has obtained a Ph.D in the four areas of Buddhism, art, philosophy and history respectively. He seeks a new model of Buddhism, renewed and recreated for modern times, by integrating the humanities into Buddhism. 


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