What We can Learn from the Buddha on How to Get Rich

What We can Learn from the Buddha on How to Get Rich

Seongsik Yoon

256pp|200 x 145mm|Sep 2015


The author Yoon suggests a new model of capitalism based on Buddhist teachings such as the Law of Dependent Origination and the Middle Path that can resolve numerous problems in modern society. With his lucid literary style based on extensive evidence and examples, it is a brilliant book which is easy and accessible even for those who do not have any understanding of Buddhism. 


Seongsik Yoon

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ohio State University, a Master’s degree in Accounting from Illinois State University, a Ph.D in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley USA, and another Ph.D in Buddhist Studies from Dongguk University in Korea. He has worked as a CPA in the USA, as Professor at the McCombs School of Business of the University of Texas, Austin, and as Chairman at the Presidential Committee on Government Innovation and Decentralization in Korea. He is currently a Professor of Public Administration at Korea University, Korea. 

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