Enlightenment and History 

Enlightenment and History 

Ven. Hyeon-eung

360pp|225 x 152mm|Aug 2016|English Manuscript is ready  


One of the critics for this book comments, “It is the first essay on Buddhist philosophy of its kind in history that moved beyond the Buddhist epistemology and ontology into the realm of enlightenment, and that emphasized the relevance of Buddhist practice in the social history. It is also a masterpiece that develops the perspective of Buddhists in their understanding of the world and history and that provides readers with the guidelines in Bodhisattva practice, offering a completely new interpretation of Buddhism.”


*Revised and expanded edition of the highly praised and much loved book first published in 1990



Ven. Hyeon-eung
He led the Buddhist reform movement in the 1990s in Korea. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Monastic Education at the Administrative Headquarters of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, where he is playing a leading role in the reform of the monastic education for Buddhist monks.

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