Words of Advice from the Buddha

Words of Advice from the Buddha

Miryoung LEE 

248pp|200 x 137mm|Nov 2013


What would Buddha say about love, relationships, money and ambition if he were alive in this century? The author introduces the teachings of the Early Buddhist sutras handed down from 2,600 years ago under each aspect of life: love, relationships, money and ambition. The author is a translator of Buddhist sutras, advocate of book-reading, and columnist on books.


*Looks at how Buddhism can be applied in our daily life 

*Great book for you if you are searching for a life in the Buddhist way 



Miryoung LEE 

She has introduced the Buddhist sutras to the public for a considerable time by writing articles for various forms of media such as newspapers, journals, and magazines, and she is currently a radio DJ.  


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