The Fiercely Independent Kang Suha



The story of the struggle of Kang Suha, born in 1986, who decides to live her own life instead of the one bestowed on her. 

Category : Literature
Target : Adults
Published Date : 06-Dec-19
ISBN : 9791190136068
Pages : 240
Book Size : 122 x 188 paperback
Keywords : feminism; marriage; life; independence


Kang Suha has been sharing empathy and consolation with people through the journal entries she has been posting on her blog since long ago. This is Kang’s story as she advances step by step without giving up her dream of becoming independent and protects herself with cold fury in a society unconducive to female independence. Entries in the book like “First Choice for a Bride: The Teacher Daughter-In-Law,” which deals with her first encounter with her prospective in-laws, and “A Debtless Debtor: The Daughter-In-Law,” which is a review of the second traditional festival she celebrates post-marriage, each recorded over 300,000 views and over 200 reshares at the time of their serialization on the Brunch website and garnered the sympathy, encouragement, and support of numerous women.

This essay collection, which is the story of one person but not necessarily only that person’s story, contains within it a desire to get out of unfair relationships that try to crush one’s spirit and to actively seek out and create relationships with people who respect one another. We hope the wish for “us all to be okay just being ourselves in solidarity without really having to strive for independence” reaches the readers of this book.

Kang Suha
Kang Suha was born in Seoul in 1986. She majored in engineering and is currently working at a research institute in a factory located in the outskirts of Seoul. She lives as others live but has always been dissatisfied with that life. While expressing that dissatisfaction through her writing, she realized there were others who thought like her. Remembering the empathy she gained then and wanting to share it again, she continues to write. Without any material reward but with fun and enthusiasm.

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