Happy I am a Nurse

Happy I am a Nurse
Liyeon KIM

296pp|210 x 148mm|Sept 2015


An autobiographical essay by Liyeon Kim. The author, although she graduated from a small college in the countryside, somehow managed to achieve the remarkable dream of entering the Samsung Medical Center, known as the most competitive hospital that many graduates dream of working at. However she cast it aside after two years to explore the world of fashion models. She then went back to the Samsung Medical Center and worked as an operating-theatre nurse for two years during which she strived hard to realize her dream of working overseas. She is currently working as a nurse in the cancer ward at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York. 


*More than 30,000 copies sold



Liyeon KIM

Working as a nurse at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, she also shares her various stories of everyday life as a nurse and as resident of New York through her blog: blog.naver.com/cutehare18.

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