The Mentality of Korean People in Selecting a President 

The Mentality of Korean People in Selecting a President 


332pp|223 x 152mm|March 2017


The most shameful event yet at the same time the most proud event for Koreans in political history: the impeachment of ex-President Park Geun-hye in 2017 at the hands of the people!

Through this event, Koreans have now come to understand how important it is to consider not only the personal history and policies of a candidate but also the psychology of a candidate when voting for someone. The author, who reads and offers predictions about society based on psychology, analyzes the mentality of each of the potential Korean presidential candidates’ in this book. 


*The author predicted that Park Geun-hye would not complete her term! 

*The only book that offers an analysis of the mentality of the 19th term President of Korea Moon Jae-In

* Offers an analysis of the collective psychology of Korean people and psychology of Korean politics



Taehyeong KIM

He had once, disappointed, departed from the mainstream of psychology and immersed himself in the social and political movement for quite a long time until midlife when he returned to the scholarly path. He is a so-called active psychologist. He uses psychology to stand against the ills of society and to seek ways to restore a sense of humanity. He has published more than 10 books. 


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